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bagels, buns and bloke-a-cola
August 18, 2006, 8:24 am
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A belgian bun does not constitute a staple breakfast really does it? I think I’m kidding myself by saying “but I had a salad sandwich first!”. Only proper cake-junkies or fat people have buns for breakfast. I suppose, I could justify it as a craving…. the icing was just so good! It was only yesterday I was mocking a friend for having cycled to leuchars and back, only to cancel it out by buying a medley of cakes on the way home. I’m such a hypocrite. I’m counting my cake as a belated reward for finally finding the motivation to gut the kitchen yesterday.

Let me see, what can I talk about this morning? The news? I tend to start my day with second rate news at the moment, since I can usually grab a metro on the bus. I’ve noticed that they have a talent for reporting yesterday’s news, and tarting it up to make it sound more exciting than it really is. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy it, but I make sure I read the bbc as soon as I get in to work, just to make sure I’ve got the facts. However, I did particularly enjoy a large picture of babyshambles’ favourite junkie Pete Doherty sheepishly buying a bagel. I’ll update this post with the pic later on :)

In the news we’ve also got Mel Gibson in rehab, naked women slow dancing with pig carcasses, and ten year old child murder cases being solved. Just the same as ever really.

I see the Bloke-a Cola ad campaign has been pulled, and quite right too. It’s the biggest piece of advertising crap I’ve seen in yonks. Actually, there are quite a few adverts I really don’t like at the moment, namely the Frosties advert with the most cringeworthy adolescent, the Talk to Frank campaign with the ugliest and most annoying little boy in the world, and the Capri Sun ‘Squeeze Please’ adverts – something about the animation just really irritates me. Anyway, back to Coke Zero. MEN DON’T CARE ABOUT CALORIES. At least not in their fizzy drinks. That’s for us women with nothing better to do to fuss about. Not only does it taste crap, but it’s aimed at a market that doesn’t even really exist. It’s aimed at the lads-mag, football-loving, curry-eaters of the male populace (as you can tell from the ridiculously ‘male’ nonsense spouted in the ads). Do Coke really think that these blokes want to drink Diet Coke for men? “That’s right lads, you too can care about your physique, no longer will you have to face the shame of purchasing a woman’s drink! We’ve repackaged Diet Coke, made it all black and masculine, grrrrrr”. I think not. Not even punting multiple cans of it to passer’s by on Princes Street, whilst two breakdancers twirl on their heads outside a stretch hummer will convince me of it’s apparent greatness. Actually, everyone I’ve spoken to thinks it’s crap, so really only the marketing exec’s from Coke think it’s a hit. as Dave said to me yesterday, “it reeks of a 35 year old trying to make an advert for a 25 year old”. I’m rather looking forward to their next offering of crappy advertising for a similarly crappy product.

On a less ranty note, I just read a nice story about a clever dog rescuing a little boy. Hurray for animal heroics!

Right, better get back to work now! :)


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