Two in There!

August 24, 2006, 8:20 am
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Yesterday I got a hole in my favourite pair of socks. Since I knew they were doomed, I decided to immortalize them by making a sock monkey. They’ve been around since the early 1900s, when people made toys out of old scraps of material, so I decided to have a go at making my own little monkey dude. I’ve also decided to write a little tutorial so you can have a go at making your own :)

sock monkey

To make this awesome little dude you will need:

1 pair of socks (preferably clean ones!)

1 pair of scissors

1 ruler (or anything with a straight edge, i used a book)

1 pen (felt pens work good, unless you’re using dark socks, then some chalk might be useful)
Some stuff to stuff him with ( I use polyester fire retardant stuffing, but you could use anything, old cushion stuffing, wool, scrap material, sponge, just whatever comes to hand!)

Sewing machine ( a needle and thread work fine, but it’ll take longer)

Step 1. So you have your pair of socks, and you’re ready to rock (sorry, didn’t mean for that to rhyme). Take one of the socks and flatten it out andstep 1

fold it in half so that it looks like this. Draw line from the cuff towards the heel, stopping about an inch short of the edge. Now you start to stitch. Unfold the sock first, so you don’t sew the folded sock together!

Step 2. Using either a sewing machine, or a needle and thread with a lot of patiencestep 2 close up (using backstitch), sew up either side of the line, about a quarter of an inch away. Grab hold of your pen again and draw
step 2

two semicircles towards the cuff end off the sock. You sew along these lines to make your monkey’s feet nice and rounded. This is probably quite hard to imagine, so here’s a little close-up diagram of what I mean.

So, firstly cut up the line in between the middle of your two seams to give your monkey two seperate little leggies. Now using the sewing machine, or backstitch, sew round yor little curves. Personally I prefer to do this by hand since you have much more control over your curve.

Step 3. Now unfold your monkey! You’ve basically just made most of his body (easy huh?) and it shouldstep 4 look like the picture on the left. There should be a little hole between your monkey’s legs so that you can turn him inside out, using a chopstick or a pen will help you poke the legs out. Once you’ve done that, stuff him! Again,using a chopstick or a pen will help you to poke the stuffing down into the trickier parts.

Step 4. Now you move onto the other sock. This sock will basically be divided into parts to make the monkey’s tail, arms, ears, and face. Flatten the sock out (profile) step 5and draw a line an inch and a half from the edge opposite to the heel side, but don’t get too close to the heel (you need this for his face). Stitch either side of your line like you did on the first sock. Cut along the line to split the sock in two. The long thin piece becomes your tail. Round off the bottom edge on your machine (or by hand) like you did with the legs, stuff it and stitch it on to your monkey’s bum, and your monkey has a tail.

sockbitsStep 5. Cut out the heel from the other part of your sock, and put it to one side. Split what’s left of the sock in two. One part will be used for your monkey’s ears,step 5 a and the others for his arms. Using the larger piece, draw a line up the middle as you did for the legs (but you can draw right to the edge this time). Again sew either side of your line, round off the edges, and cut up between your seams. Now you have two arms, so stuff them and stitch them on!

step 6Step six. Use the other part of the sock to draw two ear shapes, and sew round the lines. I found it easier to sew them by hand. Again, cut them out, stuff them and sew them on to your monkey. Now he can hear! (Well, maybe not). Next, take the last bit of your sock, the heel. Stitch that on to your monkey’s face with the edges turned in, leaving a hole for you to put the stuffing in. Stitch up the hole, and you’re almost done. Add eyes (buttons work well) a nose, and anything else you like!

And there you have it, one sock monkey!


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