Two in There!

…why do I keep thinking it’s Thursday?
November 22, 2006, 8:16 am
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So far today I’ve spent the morning trying to resolve a crappy access issue, fuelled by numerous cups of decaf earl grey, a strawberry muller light and a blackcurrant lollipop. No wonder my head feels light. Unlike most of the other marmablog community, I’m not in London, but it sunny Edinburgh. Ok, well I am in Edinburgh, but I’m pretty sure that the majority of sensible people wrapped up their winter woolies would beg to differ. I say the majority because there will always be some numpty wandering around at -2 degrees wearing nothing but a t-shirt and the slightly crazed look brought on by a diet of donner kebabs and special brew. There are few things more offensive than an over-weight man’s erect nipples on a winter morning. I actually over did the layers this morning; GMTV informed me there was going to be a cold snap so at present I am wearing:

– giant pants (they make that Bridget Jones pair look like a G-string)
– thermal snowboarding tights
– socks (Dave’s)
– jeans
– a polar neck
– a pinafore
– a big cardigan
– I also had an afghan coat, mittens, and a beanie hat but I’m not wearing them indoors ;)

Failing to remeber the fact that my office is in an old stone whisky vault, with very thick walls and little air conditioning. I’m now sitting with both fans on. I’m an idiot. Have the day off tomorrow, which will be spent dragging my giant egg-body to the midwife (currently 8 months fat) perhaps meeting up with some fellow Edinburgh crafties to talk pritt-stick and crochet hooks, before heading home to nurse my swollen ankles, and lie upside down to encourage the baby to turn. I’ll probably be feeling rather sorry for myself by that point, so I’ll want nothing more than to get into my jammies and under my nice blanket on the couch. Well, I’m off to brave the microwave; I haven’t used it in months, and since K and I share our offices with some blokes, I’m a little fearful for what I might find. Wish me luck!