Two in There!

the head is in the hole!
January 5, 2007, 8:12 am
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Our baby is a genius; having been in an extremely rare and difficult position (oblique-cephalic) for the past 6 weeks, I went to the hospital today for a presentation scan and to book in for a caesarean section after being assured yesterday ‘your baby is over 38 weeks now, it will not turn’. Yet, when I was scanned today, our clever little wombfruit had managed to free itself and engage deep in my pelvis, meaning I can have a completely natural birth when the time comes, which is fantastic news. I’d resigned to that fact that I was going to deliver by section and had begun mentally preparing for it, so finding out now that I can do what I’d planned from the beginning is a huge relief. Yes, it means hours of pain, physical exertion and utter exhaustion, but it will absolutely be worth every second as soon as I have the baby in my arms. So, it’s really just a matter of playing the waiting game now, and thankfully no more leaning on my hands and knees for hours trying to coax the baby into the pelvis. Roll on the spicy food, long walks and….um, “other physical activities” ;)


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