Two in There!

bring on the stupendously big pants
March 26, 2009, 4:57 pm
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Elasticated waists are my friend. I knew I’d show quickly this time, given that my once svelte young body has already swollen to frankly alien proportions, during the joyous epoch that was my first pregnancy. What I didn’t bank on, however, was that not only would I be housing one lodger, battling with my innards for legroom, beanie brought a friend along for moral support. My poor babies have been down-graded from the roomy offerings of business class, to the borderline sardine-tin parameters of a budget carrier. And my babies will be particularly leggy, with Dave towering just shy of 6″7 and myself an easy 5″9, with a combined leg length of 280 inches, these babies are pre-destined for greatness. In a height sense, anyway.

If I’m perfectly honest, it’s a little worrying. I’ve found myself agog, in front of the bedroom mirror in all my naked pregnant glory, poking and prodding at my already rounding tum and wondering how on earth are they both going to fit?! I know pregnancy involves a bit of a reshuffle of the old interior architecture, but surely this is going to require a renovation Kevin McCloud would be proud of.

Oh, and being a fan of posh undies has gone out the window. The satin Fauve numbers have been tossed aside in favour of the enormous, greying granny-efforts usually reserved for darkest, hairy-legged ladyweek moments. They’re now fitting like the unforgiving second-skin of latex bondagewear, and providing great comfort under my far-from-sexy stretch denim. I’ve already shelved the skinnies for the comfort of elasticated belly-huggers, and oh what happiness they are to a bladder that’s filling up like my Aunt Jeanie’s wine glass at an open bar.

I know this time if I want my figure back, I’ll need to hook up with Doc Brown, fiddle with the flux-capacitor and pay a visit to 2006 where I left it. But it’s all good, and if it’s in the name of healthy babies, bring on the belly! And the cake.


Siobhan xxx


it’s hard work being an oven
March 20, 2009, 4:56 pm
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7 weeks today. Feels like it’s been no time and a lifetime all at once. In true paradoxical form the days seem to crawl by at a snail’s pace, but when I step back to look for a minute I think, “wow, 7 weeks”. I wish my uterus had a little window so I could peek in and say hello and see how my two are doing in there. Alas, such abdominal glazing does not exist so all I can do is relax and send positive thoughts down there.

I feel like since I’m no stranger to this pregnancy malarkey, I should be the very embodiment of pregnant empowerment; embarking on some sort of journey of intense self discovery, uttering affirmations and tapping into that well of inner motherly wisdom to allow me to celebrate the miracle of my body’s achievements. Instead for the most part I’m a nervous wreck, and the only journey I appear to be embarking on is the well-trodden path between the couch and the loo. Oh, and as for the well of inner motherly wisdom; I think the drought kicked in about 5 minutes after Heidi was born, since then it’s been a frantic game of devouring books on the matter punctuated by a whole lot of trial and error. That’s not to say I haven’t been confident as I grasp in the darkness, baby in one hand, so hopefully once I start to accept things a little more, I’ll be back to my usual self, if, indeed, such a thing exists between now and the next 7 months.

I think the hormonal lunacy has properly settled in now. I am in the full throws of an unhappy gut dawn til dusk, and even when the gloaming comes, you’re likely to find me reaching for the bucket (for those who are interested, it’s a small lime green one, with a blue handle). Everything smells foul. Nothing is appetizing, which infuriates me. My powers of concentration appear to have packed up and shipped out, all known logic stowing away on this merry voyage, and I am left, an emotional husk weeping at yoghurt adverts. I have however, somewhere amidst me slowly become a full-blown mentalist, managed to accept that I am not an all-singing, all-dancing womb on legs whose only mission is to gestate all the while running a household and fighting crime. I am just a woman, I am crapping myself that things will go wrong, and that’s totally nomal. This isn’t a contest, and all I need to do is relax and concentrate on getting to the end, upon which I will be presented with a shiny-gold-medal-and-a-pat-on-the-back two beautiful babies.

Today, Heidi is off to stay over with my mother and father-in-law, and I’ve spent the morning curled up around aforementioned green bucket and the latter part of the afternoon knitting a hat for my sister-in-law’s impending baby, listening to ryan adams, drinking tea and neglecting to do any sort of housework whatsoever. I plan to carry out the rest of the evening in much the same fashion, perhaps dotted with a little bit of telly (though I did actually find myself crying in unfairness as LOST has now stopped until the autumn).

Hope all you girls are doing good, and have at least a bit of that Friday feeling.


Siobhan xxx

p.s. the picture above is Heidi wearing the same hat I’m knitting, aged about 5 months, and she’s managed to get to over 2 and it still fits!

6 weeks, 6 days
March 19, 2009, 4:55 pm
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Further to Tuesday’s drama, things seem to have settled down a bit. No more bleeding since that night, so hopefully we’ve seen the last of it, touch wood (or veneer, hoping it has the same effect). I’m still experiencing the full gamut of pregnancies delights, spending a lot of time with my new best friend, Armitage Shanks, so I’m trying to embrace this optimism thing. To be honest, I don’t think I really have a choice, if I allowed myself to retreat into the comfort of the padded cell that is my hormonal brain, I’d have gnawed down to my knuckles by now, and raising three children sans-digits seems like something of an unecessary extra challenge. I may be well versed in the mum thing, but I’ll be the first to admit I’m not Wonderwoman. Let’s just hope I haven’t jinxed that and loose my fingers in a freak blending accident before these two arrive. Probably helped by the fact that I don’t own a blender, and I’d have to try really hard with my braun hand-held effort.

My lovely little sister has come to stay with me to help look after Heidi, and what bliss that’s been so far. I’ve been able to do the bedrest thang much more, and to boot she did my shopping this morning, and brought me back the most enomous bunch of blushing pink tulips. Coupled with the fact it’s been a stonking 14 degrees In Edinburgh today (14 degrees!!! That’s positively mediterranean!), my mood is climbing. Heidi spent a few hours in the garden playing doctors with all the wee beasties she could get her unforgiving toddler mitts on, while I lay on my enormous bed, curled up like a big fat cat, and napped in a sunbeam. Glorious!

I’ve spent most of the day eating digestives and braeburn apples, watching grand designs and trying to keep my mind occupied. Spent the first hour catching up on my correspondence from all you lovely mum’s who have been sending me messages; put’s a big smile on this tired girls face!

Hope all you girlies are having a good thursday, drop by and say hi! (Blogaphorically speaking of course unless you’re up north 😉 )

Here’s a picture of Heidi for you all, just because I haven’t posted any yet.

Take care!


Siobhan xxx

two for one
March 15, 2009, 4:54 pm
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As some of you ladies may know already, on Friday I got the rather brilliant and somewhat unexpected news that we’re having two babies. I arrived at the epu after the most convoluted taxi ride imaginable, doing the sort of excruciating jig that only a pregnant lady with a bladder fit to burst knows. Bumps in the road, a stupidly long route, closed roads, idiot cabby, you name it, this chuckle-brother seemed in no great hurry to get me there, despite turning up 20 mins late and me sobbing, and holding a 2 year old in the back of his taxi. To make matters worse he insisted he had no change, meaning I just handed him £25 and ran, £7 more than my fare. If I’d waited, I would have surely wet myself, so I essentially paid a seven pound premium for the privilege of not publicly dancing in my own wee.

When actually got into the epu, I had to wait another ten minutes before I could be seen, so I literally half walked/ half skipped around the waiting room until I was called through.

Despite my bladder being swollen to roughly the size of the Hindenburg, we couldn’t see a whole lot without pressing to the point of me wincing. Being an ultrasound vet, I was aware that in the grainy wildreness of my uterus, I caught a flash of what I thought looked like two black blobs, but it was so momentary I initally assumed I was further on and the sac must just be bigger than I remembered. I was promptly given the gift of relieving myself (and let me tell you, it didn’t come a second to soon!) and after peeing for a length of time that would put sea biscuit to shame, I dropped my knickers, swathed myself in a clinical-chic hospital sheet and shuffled back to the bed and prepared to be poked and prodded around the unmentionables.

And there they were. Two little beans of exactly the same size a couple of centimetres apart. I don’t think I even said anything at first, I just stared slack-jawed in utter disbelief of what I was seeing. I half expected Jeremy Beadle to jump out from behind the curtain until I remembered that 1.) That would have been extrememly poor taste; a lady with no knickers on display for all and sundry is not the ideal candidate for laughing off ill-conceived japery and 2.) He pegged it last year. The open-mouthedness gradually melted into a smile and I began to mutter “oh my goodness, oh my goodness” (for one knows that it is sensible to censor one’s reactions in the company of strangers) and was immediately congratulated on both my doubly good news and my being the first mum they’d told in a while who didn’t let a reactionary obscenity slip from her mouth.

I decided it was time to phone my mother, as at this rate there was no chance I could hide things until 12 weeks; her hugely sympathetic reaction was to laugh at me for 5 minutes, before saying how wonderful everything was. My DH was just about as shocked as me, and when we went to tell his parents, Heidi, though having rehearsed the announcement, had become distracted by the new Disney movie Bolt and thus told her grandparents that mummy had a bomb in her tummy. Not quite the news they were expecting, and after correcting her with what they assumed the good news to be, were shocked to find out that what they had predicted was in fact two-fold.

My pregnant SIL showed up as a complete coincidence and we told her the good news too, but in retropsect I feel really bad that we may have inadvertently stolen her thunder. Since I had the first grandchild and she’s now expecting her first baby, and I don’t want to have muted her limelight in anyway. Such is life though, if I spend my days fretting over things like that I’ll get nowhere! I have much bigger concerns now, like how to keep myself and my dopple-beans happy and healthy.

Hoping all you ladies are doing good, have a wicked Sunday!


Siobhan xxx

the waiting game
March 12, 2009, 4:52 pm
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Gave the pregnancy support unit at the ERI a call yesterday; they must be sick of the sight of me over the past few years. Due to my previous history, and losing last baby at 16 weeks I’ve been scheduled in for an early scan on Monday morning, at 8:50am, which will put me at 6 3 scan day, if my dates are bang on the money.

So far things seem to be moseying along nicely; but with every ounce of excitement comes the pound of doubt to rain on my baby-parade. All I can do is take it each day at a time, and each one feels like another little milestone. I need to just put my faith in nature’s miracle, and hope that all the parts of this baby making machine are well-oiled, up to scratch and functioning to keep this bambino in tip-top condition. Pregnancy is such a brilliantly bizarre time; chock-full of excitement, day-dreaming, wonderment as well as worry, insecurity, and not to mention crippling self-doubt and enlarging to epic proportions.

I’m so ready for this. Outsiders would think it madness to want to do it again, after over two years of sleepless nights, losing all that was once sacred (lie-ins; remember those ladies? The long-lost lover of parents everywhere) and a constant battle of wills with a tiny madam. I’ll happily swell to the size of a planet, (perhaps the reason we inhale everything edible in close proximity is due to the gravitational pull of our own astronomical waistlines?) I’ll watch my once pert ladylumps droop another inch closer to my bellybutton, because let’s face it, after having one baby, they’re never going to point at the sky again. I’ll embrace the sausage fingers, the bates-esque hormonal lunacy, even the endless internal karate. I never thought I’d see the day where I said , “bring it on, I look forward to squeezing a 9lb infant from a space that defies the laws of physics”. This level of insanity can only be brought on by that little blue cross. I love that little window.

Today, I’m going to attempt to be 5 weeks and 6 days pregnant, keep my livewire of a 2 year old thoroughly entertained, all the while building my nest. How did the laundry pile get so high?

Take it easy bumparellas, I’m thinking about all of you. Stay sticky!


Siobhan xxx

Here we are, again
March 11, 2009, 4:51 pm
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So here I am again, DH and I are expecting again. 5 5d now, starting to get used to the idea. I want this little baby so much, so I’m hoping with every fibre of my being that my little bean has a good hold and is going to hold on pasy the sea-monkey stage and get a little cuter before making an appearance in early November.

My history with pregnancy hasn’t been brilliant; this is pregnancy number six, and so far have one beautiful 2yr old, Heidi, to show for it. Two disappointments before Heidi, another two after, so hopefully, going by the previous pattern, we’re onto a winner here. I’m going to take it easy this time though, no swimming, hiking up hills or carrying Heidi on my back everywhere, trying to exercise lots clearly isn’t working out for me, so this time I am opting for the old fashioned sitting-on-my-bum-gradually-growing-to-whale-like-proportions approach.

Have spent the majority of the last couple of weeks furiously knitting to take my mind off things; that and my friend just delivered baby number two, my cousin is ready to drop number two, and my sister-in-law is due to have her first, a girl, in June. Decided to pay karma a little offering and do some preemie knitting for the neonatal unit at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary too. By the time this baby arrives (fingers and toes crossed!) My house will be but a speck under a mountain of caries, mitts and booties.

Off to attempt to change my doctors today, can’t be seen at the old practice since I’ve moved and I want to get booked in for my scan sooner than later; they made such a mess of things last time.

Hope all you mummies and minibumps are doing good, and not feeling too yucky today,


Siobhan x