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Here we are, again
March 11, 2009, 4:51 pm
Filed under: babies

So here I am again, DH and I are expecting again. 5 5d now, starting to get used to the idea. I want this little baby so much, so I’m hoping with every fibre of my being that my little bean has a good hold and is going to hold on pasy the sea-monkey stage and get a little cuter before making an appearance in early November.

My history with pregnancy hasn’t been brilliant; this is pregnancy number six, and so far have one beautiful 2yr old, Heidi, to show for it. Two disappointments before Heidi, another two after, so hopefully, going by the previous pattern, we’re onto a winner here. I’m going to take it easy this time though, no swimming, hiking up hills or carrying Heidi on my back everywhere, trying to exercise lots clearly isn’t working out for me, so this time I am opting for the old fashioned sitting-on-my-bum-gradually-growing-to-whale-like-proportions approach.

Have spent the majority of the last couple of weeks furiously knitting to take my mind off things; that and my friend just delivered baby number two, my cousin is ready to drop number two, and my sister-in-law is due to have her first, a girl, in June. Decided to pay karma a little offering and do some preemie knitting for the neonatal unit at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary too. By the time this baby arrives (fingers and toes crossed!) My house will be but a speck under a mountain of caries, mitts and booties.

Off to attempt to change my doctors today, can’t be seen at the old practice since I’ve moved and I want to get booked in for my scan sooner than later; they made such a mess of things last time.

Hope all you mummies and minibumps are doing good, and not feeling too yucky today,


Siobhan x


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