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the waiting game
March 12, 2009, 4:52 pm
Filed under: babies

Gave the pregnancy support unit at the ERI a call yesterday; they must be sick of the sight of me over the past few years. Due to my previous history, and losing last baby at 16 weeks I’ve been scheduled in for an early scan on Monday morning, at 8:50am, which will put me at 6 3 scan day, if my dates are bang on the money.

So far things seem to be moseying along nicely; but with every ounce of excitement comes the pound of doubt to rain on my baby-parade. All I can do is take it each day at a time, and each one feels like another little milestone. I need to just put my faith in nature’s miracle, and hope that all the parts of this baby making machine are well-oiled, up to scratch and functioning to keep this bambino in tip-top condition. Pregnancy is such a brilliantly bizarre time; chock-full of excitement, day-dreaming, wonderment as well as worry, insecurity, and not to mention crippling self-doubt and enlarging to epic proportions.

I’m so ready for this. Outsiders would think it madness to want to do it again, after over two years of sleepless nights, losing all that was once sacred (lie-ins; remember those ladies? The long-lost lover of parents everywhere) and a constant battle of wills with a tiny madam. I’ll happily swell to the size of a planet, (perhaps the reason we inhale everything edible in close proximity is due to the gravitational pull of our own astronomical waistlines?) I’ll watch my once pert ladylumps droop another inch closer to my bellybutton, because let’s face it, after having one baby, they’re never going to point at the sky again. I’ll embrace the sausage fingers, the bates-esque hormonal lunacy, even the endless internal karate. I never thought I’d see the day where I said , “bring it on, I look forward to squeezing a 9lb infant from a space that defies the laws of physics”. This level of insanity can only be brought on by that little blue cross. I love that little window.

Today, I’m going to attempt to be 5 weeks and 6 days pregnant, keep my livewire of a 2 year old thoroughly entertained, all the while building my nest. How did the laundry pile get so high?

Take it easy bumparellas, I’m thinking about all of you. Stay sticky!


Siobhan xxx


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