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two for one
March 15, 2009, 4:54 pm
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As some of you ladies may know already, on Friday I got the rather brilliant and somewhat unexpected news that we’re having two babies. I arrived at the epu after the most convoluted taxi ride imaginable, doing the sort of excruciating jig that only a pregnant lady with a bladder fit to burst knows. Bumps in the road, a stupidly long route, closed roads, idiot cabby, you name it, this chuckle-brother seemed in no great hurry to get me there, despite turning up 20 mins late and me sobbing, and holding a 2 year old in the back of his taxi. To make matters worse he insisted he had no change, meaning I just handed him £25 and ran, £7 more than my fare. If I’d waited, I would have surely wet myself, so I essentially paid a seven pound premium for the privilege of not publicly dancing in my own wee.

When actually got into the epu, I had to wait another ten minutes before I could be seen, so I literally half walked/ half skipped around the waiting room until I was called through.

Despite my bladder being swollen to roughly the size of the Hindenburg, we couldn’t see a whole lot without pressing to the point of me wincing. Being an ultrasound vet, I was aware that in the grainy wildreness of my uterus, I caught a flash of what I thought looked like two black blobs, but it was so momentary I initally assumed I was further on and the sac must just be bigger than I remembered. I was promptly given the gift of relieving myself (and let me tell you, it didn’t come a second to soon!) and after peeing for a length of time that would put sea biscuit to shame, I dropped my knickers, swathed myself in a clinical-chic hospital sheet and shuffled back to the bed and prepared to be poked and prodded around the unmentionables.

And there they were. Two little beans of exactly the same size a couple of centimetres apart. I don’t think I even said anything at first, I just stared slack-jawed in utter disbelief of what I was seeing. I half expected Jeremy Beadle to jump out from behind the curtain until I remembered that 1.) That would have been extrememly poor taste; a lady with no knickers on display for all and sundry is not the ideal candidate for laughing off ill-conceived japery and 2.) He pegged it last year. The open-mouthedness gradually melted into a smile and I began to mutter “oh my goodness, oh my goodness” (for one knows that it is sensible to censor one’s reactions in the company of strangers) and was immediately congratulated on both my doubly good news and my being the first mum they’d told in a while who didn’t let a reactionary obscenity slip from her mouth.

I decided it was time to phone my mother, as at this rate there was no chance I could hide things until 12 weeks; her hugely sympathetic reaction was to laugh at me for 5 minutes, before saying how wonderful everything was. My DH was just about as shocked as me, and when we went to tell his parents, Heidi, though having rehearsed the announcement, had become distracted by the new Disney movie Bolt and thus told her grandparents that mummy had a bomb in her tummy. Not quite the news they were expecting, and after correcting her with what they assumed the good news to be, were shocked to find out that what they had predicted was in fact two-fold.

My pregnant SIL showed up as a complete coincidence and we told her the good news too, but in retropsect I feel really bad that we may have inadvertently stolen her thunder. Since I had the first grandchild and she’s now expecting her first baby, and I don’t want to have muted her limelight in anyway. Such is life though, if I spend my days fretting over things like that I’ll get nowhere! I have much bigger concerns now, like how to keep myself and my dopple-beans happy and healthy.

Hoping all you ladies are doing good, have a wicked Sunday!


Siobhan xxx


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