Two in There!

6 weeks, 6 days
March 19, 2009, 4:55 pm
Filed under: babies

Further to Tuesday’s drama, things seem to have settled down a bit. No more bleeding since that night, so hopefully we’ve seen the last of it, touch wood (or veneer, hoping it has the same effect). I’m still experiencing the full gamut of pregnancies delights, spending a lot of time with my new best friend, Armitage Shanks, so I’m trying to embrace this optimism thing. To be honest, I don’t think I really have a choice, if I allowed myself to retreat into the comfort of the padded cell that is my hormonal brain, I’d have gnawed down to my knuckles by now, and raising three children sans-digits seems like something of an unecessary extra challenge. I may be well versed in the mum thing, but I’ll be the first to admit I’m not Wonderwoman. Let’s just hope I haven’t jinxed that and loose my fingers in a freak blending accident before these two arrive. Probably helped by the fact that I don’t own a blender, and I’d have to try really hard with my braun hand-held effort.

My lovely little sister has come to stay with me to help look after Heidi, and what bliss that’s been so far. I’ve been able to do the bedrest thang much more, and to boot she did my shopping this morning, and brought me back the most enomous bunch of blushing pink tulips. Coupled with the fact it’s been a stonking 14 degrees In Edinburgh today (14 degrees!!! That’s positively mediterranean!), my mood is climbing. Heidi spent a few hours in the garden playing doctors with all the wee beasties she could get her unforgiving toddler mitts on, while I lay on my enormous bed, curled up like a big fat cat, and napped in a sunbeam. Glorious!

I’ve spent most of the day eating digestives and braeburn apples, watching grand designs and trying to keep my mind occupied. Spent the first hour catching up on my correspondence from all you lovely mum’s who have been sending me messages; put’s a big smile on this tired girls face!

Hope all you girlies are having a good thursday, drop by and say hi! (Blogaphorically speaking of course unless you’re up north 😉 )

Here’s a picture of Heidi for you all, just because I haven’t posted any yet.

Take care!


Siobhan xxx


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