Two in There!

12 weeks, teeny-tiny high-5’s!
April 24, 2009, 4:59 pm
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Forgive me readers, for it has been 17 days since my last confession. I’d love to say I was doing something incredibly productive, or that I was busy being some sort of action mum running/jumping/climbing trees. The reality is that the house is just as disorganized, the only thing I’ve achieved is waistline expansion, and the most excitement I’ve had was my knicker elastic snapping as I bent over to put something in the bin. Well, I did have an ultrasound a week ago and got to see my two belly-dwellers, which was fantastic, and I’m pleased to report both looked exactly like the wiggly, waving baby-shaped blobs they should.

So somehow, here I am, wandering aimlessly in the second trimester, not quite believing that I’ve made it this far already. I feel like I’m just hovering in the doorway of a room full of all those ‘properly’ pregnant women, and I’m not quite sure what to say to them. The hormones have been hard at it, not only giving me two babies, I’m now sporting a full on renaissance bosom which is upstaging me at every turn and has had rather a profound effect on my darling husband; you’re familiar with the fly-and-the-lightbulb analogy? Don’t think he can quite help himself, despite my best attempts at swatting.

In addition to my visit from the boob fairy, I’m also erring towards the hirsute side of normal, and each day when I find myself in the shower I seem to be playing a game of catchup. It’s like painting the forth road bridge; the maintenance never ends! My poor little Gilette Venus must feel like it’s taking it’s chances against Chewbacca, no wonder my blades seem to be wilting at the prospect. I’ve also for the first time in my life, developed talons. As we no longer have to forage for our sustenance, I’ve always kept my nails short; being an illustrator and a guitarist, perfectly manicured lumps of finger protein is neither practical nor something I care about enough. Suddenly I find myself accidentally taking lumps out of myself with these weapons, constantly having to de-muck them, and on a slightly sad level, am finding it particularly difficult to use my IPhone. I can however, do that cool indignant-finger-drumming-on-a-hard-surface thing, but it’s really more of a novelty than a pro.

Ah the delights of pregnancy! My aim for the next trimester: do as little as possible other than get more pregnant, I have never known tiredness like this. I am busy creating two people in here, and anyone who thinks in 6 months time that I can magically pull two humans out of my hoohaa without any physical effort, is welcome to take a running jump, preferably into a room of grumpy pregnant ladies.

Siobhan x