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30 weeks with the twins
August 27, 2009, 8:01 pm
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30 weeks round with the boys

30 weeks round with the boys

Not been very well lately, had a bit of a stint in hospital, but thankfully out now and on the mend. Babies are doing fine, hopefully they’ll stay cooking away for a few more weeks, section mid october! 🙂


week 29, hardest so far
August 25, 2009, 5:02 pm
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Week 29, thankfully it’s almost over, as it’s been the scariest so far. When I made my video diary at 28+3, that was the last day I really felt myself. I’d started feeling a little bit wheezier than normal, and just generally unwell. Overnight it seemed to go right into my chest, and I was concerned enough to go and see my GP.

Roll on the first course of antibiotics, two different inhalers, and some curling up on the couch. The next day I felt like I’d been hit by a truck; my chest hurt with every breath, I was gasping for air, and coughing up radioactive goo. Doctor was coming to see me at the house but took so long, so off I took myself to the hospital, where they told me I had bronchitis again (I’m asthmatic and usually get this nasty in the winter) doubled my antibiotics, listened in on the monkeys and told me to rest. Managed to get through another couple of days, just feeling like absolute crap.

Come the friday at 29+1, I’d had a bleed, my lips had gone a bit blue, and I was feeling worse. Went up to the hospital again, pulse was up at 160 resting rate, and I was having painful braxton hicks when I coughed. Was admitted and given a little room on the postnatal ward, where I’d been when I’d had Heidi. I won’t bore you with all the details, but I was pretty much a human pincushion for four days, on 3 different types of IV antibiotics, IV fluids, beta blockers, antiemitics, iron and painkillers. I was really well looked after by the loveliest midwives, and thankfully, my own consultant for 2 out of the 4 days. There was lots of stress with trying to trace and listen in on the monkeys; number 1 would not play ball on several ocassions. Result; me in tears and a registrar bringing up the portable scanner. Turns out he’s fine, just really bloody naughty!

Had no visitors for 3 days, really missed D & H and spent most visiting hours hiding behind my curtain having a wee sob to myself. Had lots of phonecalls though, which made it bareable. Come day three I  was allowed out for some fresh air and to stretch my legs on the physio’s advice, decided to sneak off in my car to subway, so as to supplement the hospital’s meagre vegetarian offerings. Best meal ever.

Yesterday, after coming off my IV’s and onto just one lots of oral erythromicin and the rest of my pills, I’d had a day of no palpatations, and my pulse had stabilized at 88, so was allowed to go home. I actually danced I was so happy! I’m on bed rest to try and keep the bambinos cooking as long as possible, (as my immune system is feeling a bit lazy due to all this infection), and to try and keep these painful tightenings at bay.

Really hoping I’m back to full health soon, and that these two stay put for the next 7 weeks. It’s going to drag, I can tell, but I’m roping in as much help as possible so I can actually do as I’m told. These babies are far too important to me, let’s just hope fate is on my side!

S xxx

28 week video diary
August 16, 2009, 5:00 pm
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Here I am, 28+3 with my twin boys already; where has the time gone? Since I’m finding it hard to get a moment to sit down and write a journal, I thought I’d do something a bit different this time, and make a video diary (height of laziness really!). If anyone wants to watch, you can see it here 🙂


Siobhan xxx

Chivalry is dead. Well, at least on Edinburgh’s buses
August 16, 2009, 8:27 am
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Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for equality in the sexes, but does that have to come at the expense of plain old-fashiond good manners and common courtesy? Can chivalry and equality co-exist? Gone are the days when a gentleman would offer up his seat to a lady, let alone a pregnant one.

Apparently Edinburgh’s male commuter population is of the opinion that the cut-throat world of the to and from work bus journey, is every man and woman for themselves. They are practiotioners of the three S’s; the Snare-Sit-Stay approach to bus travel. Desperate to secure a seat, a sure sign of a triumph over the weaker and less able, Modern Commuter Man, will hurridly push past those vying for a place to park their backside, whilst simultaneously snatching the last metro from under the hand of the young woman who was clearly there first, before triumphantly taking his place in the priority need seat at the front of the bus. There we have the ‘Snare’. MCM has his seat, thus, the ‘Sit’. Secondly, to further this proud statement of victory, instead of sitting with his knees in front of him, he will ensure that both his outside leg and foot are in the aisle as a further sign of dominance (and indeed, as a warning) to the weaker, standing commuters. Dare they try and walk past, all the while running the risk of tripping and falling, not to mention utter public embarassment? This is exactly what Modern Commuter Man wants; a further fortitude of his alpha-male ego. This is the ‘Stay’.

Fastidious in his approach to the application of the three S’s, MCM refuses to be budged by even the most fearsome of commutery predators: the old, the disabled, and the pregnant. Not only will MCM not give up his seat, he will enitrely refuse to acknowledge the very existance of said predators, and in a final display of his territorial determination, he will place both of his hands on the rail infront of him, and grip them tightly. There is no hope for anyone. MCM has sealed his victory, and will coast safely and happily to work.

Well this pregnant lady is not about to let this continue. I’m formultating a plan, which will most probably involve toe-stamping, ‘accidental’ shin kicking, and many a dirty look and audible tut. Watch this space.

a monkey for my monkeys
August 12, 2009, 8:04 pm
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a painting for our monkey-themed nursery

a painting for our monkey-themed nursery

Just a wee picture for my twin boys’ monkey themed nursery. Acrylic on canvas

Couldn’t find any batteries for my flash gun, so the horrible built in flash on my camera has picked out the brush strokes and made the blue look really uneven 😦

27 weeks pregnant, and it’s my birthday!
August 6, 2009, 8:07 pm
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27 weeks pregnant with the boys

27 weeks pregnant with the boys

So today I’m 27 weeks pregnant; how time flies! It also happens to be my birthday, and I intend to spend it doing lovely relaxing things with my boy and my girl.  She’s off to her grandparents later on so Dave and I can go to the cinema – don’t really thinking ‘larging it’ is really appropriate for a woman in my condition, nor is it my style really!