Two in There!

Chivalry is dead. Well, at least on Edinburgh’s buses
August 16, 2009, 8:27 am
Filed under: misc, pregnancy

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for equality in the sexes, but does that have to come at the expense of plain old-fashiond good manners and common courtesy? Can chivalry and equality co-exist? Gone are the days when a gentleman would offer up his seat to a lady, let alone a pregnant one.

Apparently Edinburgh’s male commuter population is of the opinion that the cut-throat world of the to and from work bus journey, is every man and woman for themselves. They are practiotioners of the three S’s; the Snare-Sit-Stay approach to bus travel. Desperate to secure a seat, a sure sign of a triumph over the weaker and less able, Modern Commuter Man, will hurridly push past those vying for a place to park their backside, whilst simultaneously snatching the last metro from under the hand of the young woman who was clearly there first, before triumphantly taking his place in the priority need seat at the front of the bus. There we have the ‘Snare’. MCM has his seat, thus, the ‘Sit’. Secondly, to further this proud statement of victory, instead of sitting with his knees in front of him, he will ensure that both his outside leg and foot are in the aisle as a further sign of dominance (and indeed, as a warning) to the weaker, standing commuters. Dare they try and walk past, all the while running the risk of tripping and falling, not to mention utter public embarassment? This is exactly what Modern Commuter Man wants; a further fortitude of his alpha-male ego. This is the ‘Stay’.

Fastidious in his approach to the application of the three S’s, MCM refuses to be budged by even the most fearsome of commutery predators: the old, the disabled, and the pregnant. Not only will MCM not give up his seat, he will enitrely refuse to acknowledge the very existance of said predators, and in a final display of his territorial determination, he will place both of his hands on the rail infront of him, and grip them tightly. There is no hope for anyone. MCM has sealed his victory, and will coast safely and happily to work.

Well this pregnant lady is not about to let this continue. I’m formultating a plan, which will most probably involve toe-stamping, ‘accidental’ shin kicking, and many a dirty look and audible tut. Watch this space.


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