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on becoming an aunt
September 14, 2009, 3:29 pm
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12 weeks ago I became an Auntie for the very first time, to a beautiful little girl, Olivia Grace. I’d long been looking forward to her arrival, being absolutely overjoyed when my sister-in-law announced she was expecting last December, but I never could have anticipated how special it would be to finally have her here.  As the oldest of three girls, and the first to have children, I had yet to experience what it was like assume the role of doting aunt, where as my two sisters and Dave’s sister have had 2 and a half  years of it with my own daughter.  Seeing how much they truly love Heidi, and how happy they make her, I just couldn’t wait to say hello to my niece. I felt compelled to get the knitting needles out, the way I have with my own babies, and took great pleasure in making beautiful things for her! Auntie Siobhan; makes me so proud to be called that. I have to say, it’s just absolutely wonderful beyond words. (and, it has been a brilliant excuse to get camera-happy as you can see!)

Who would have thought it possible to instantly love a baby so much that isn’t your own? The first time we went to see her at the hospital, I was just overcome with how much I felt for her. Doubly special was seeing how much my own little one loves her new cousin. I’m so excited about being a part of her life, and of course, having another little girl to spoil! I hope that I can be there to share in all of her milestones, and be there for her whenever she needs a hug or eventually, a shoulder to cry on.

I’m very fortunate to have a large, close-knit family, and the bond I have with my Aunts and Uncles is particularly strong; becoming an Auntie myself has pushed me to reflect on my own relationships with them.  Even now as a grown woman, with children of my own, I still care deeply about them, and and so grateful for everything they’ve given me over the course of my life so far. It’s a special kind of love that I hope one day Olivia will have for me, David and her cousins, and that she’ll enjoy spending time with us as much as we will with her.

Particularly lovely has been the opportunity to really bond with my sister-in-law. I’ve always gotten on famously with Karen, though there’s something unspeakable that connects two women as mothers. It’s been brilliant to share our pregnancy woes, and to be asked advice and to feel like I can actually be of use! I’m amazed at how quickly and effortlessly she has slipped into motherhood, and all of it’s trials so far (12 weeks with a colicky baby!) and seeing how proud she’s made her own parents. It’s lovely watching her with Olivia, and knowing how much she adores Heidi,  I’m so happy that she’s now a mummy herself, and can lavish all that love and attention on her gorgeous little girl.

She’s just absolutely cute as a button, and we all love her to pieces. There.

I think that’s all the gooey-hormonal pregnant lady chat anyone needs to hear today!


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Wow. You are an amazing blogger, your site looks so beautiful and striking – brilliant! I have given you an award over at mine if you want to pop over and pick it up…I think that just means you visit my blog, save the pic and post it here, helping show everyone how marvellous a reader thinks you are. Do you know Erica – (LittleMummy) from Edinburgh? x

Comment by Linda

Aw, bless your heart Linda! I’m glad you enjoy it, and hope you continue to do so. Proud as punch to be receiving my Zombie Chicken Award, will be happily passing it on now!

Have only recently been in touch with Erica, she stopped by and said hi a few days ago, have been working my way through her blog since, and thoroughly enjoying it! x

Comment by twointhere

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