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Hello there!

It all started over four years ago now when I met a rather handsome and tall fella with good taste in music and an amazing house (ah, Jamaica Street!).  I’d been dating a work colleague of his before deciding we were about as well matched as a paper raincoat in Scotland. We stayed friends, met up occasionally, and one of these times happened to be a trip to the cinema with aforementioned tall fella, and another girl I presumed to be ‘the girlfriend’. Turns out I was wrong, we exchanged numbers.  A week later I called him up, asked him out, and the rest is as they say, history.

Fast forward four years, we’re still together, very much in love, parents to Heidi, 2 and a half, and expecting numbers 2 and 3 in about 5 weeks time.

Since I’ve put all semblance of my former life on hold to do my bit to repopulate the earth, I’ve started this blog as a means of chronicling my adventures in toddlerdom and back into the land of nappies and sleepless nights. I have a feeling it will be cheaper than seeing a professional!

You might also get the odd nugget of illustration and photography (again, former life) and other general musings. Enjoy!

Siobhan x


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Hi Siobhan- its KitKat1002..

Just thought I’d peek in here and say that I love you’re blog, as well as your artwork. Happy cooking! xx

Comment by Tetyana

Hi Siobhan!
Lovely to meet you and I love your photos. You look so beautiful and relaxed! How do you manage this? 🙂
Good luck with the upcoming birth of your two babies! x

Comment by Happy Mum

BTW thank you for linking A Mother’Secrets 😉

Comment by Happy Mum

you’re most welcome! Lovely blog, hoping I can contribute at some point!

Comment by twointhere

Thanks ladies! Re: the photos, I think it’s all down to good makeup and flattering camera angles! 😉

Comment by twointhere

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